Washington State Statewide Freshwater Assessment

Jul 13, 2011 (Last modified Jul 29, 2011)
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This assessment presents GIS data containing results of all freshwater assessment analyses conducted by The Nature Conservancy for Washington State. This data set includes values for biodiversity metrics (e.g. suitability, threat, number of species) across all HUC6 watersheds in Washington State, as well as identifies rivers, watersheds, and wetlands that provide the best opportunities for conservation of Washington's native freshwater species and ecological systems.

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The Nature Conservancy, Washington Program
Peter Skidmore
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The Nature Conservancy, Washington Program
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Erica Simek
GIS Specialist with The Nature Conservancy

As a GIS Specialist for The Nature Conservancy, I provide cartographic and data management support to The Nature Conservancy’s Washington Program. I also provided staff with geospatial technical hardware and software assistance and act as webmaster for the Washington Conservation Science and...