Jun 14, 2012
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This is a land cover dataset developed by Florida Natural Areas Inventory for coastal conservation planning purposes. It is derived from two primary sources: 1) The Florida Cooperative Land Cover Map(CLC), v.2, a hybrid land cover that combines best available statewide and local land cover data sources; and 2) a revision of the CLC based on review of 2009 – 2011 high resolution aerial photography for a subset of remaining natural uplands that correspond to areas identified in the Assessment of Florida’s Remaining Coastal Upland Natural Communities (Johnson and Gulledge 2005). All data were clipped to a coastal analysis zone defined as 3 m elevation plus 1 kmbuffer. The classification scheme is a modified version of the FWC Florida Land Cover Classification . Note: The coastal land cover is divided into northern and southern sections. This dataset covers southern Florida. See FL_North_LandCoverCoastal_FNAI for the northern section.
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Florida Natural Areas Inventory
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Florida Coastal Land Cover. April 2012. Florida Natural Areas Inventory.

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Florida Natural Areas Inventory
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Data are intended to be used for general informational and planning purposes and not appropriate for legal, regulatory and/or cadastral purposes
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