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Chief Wildlife Scientist with WDFW
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John Pierce
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Supervisor of Department of Fish and Wildlife's statewide wildlife science division, including, wildlife research, geographic information system, wildlife database and
application development, with over 25 FTEs and biennium budget of approximately
$6,000,000.  The wildlife database harbors over 100,000 records of priority wildlife occurrences and crucial habitat.  The wildlife geographic information system manages spatial information on approximately 1,000,000 acres of owned or managed lands. Current full time research projects supervised include investigations of Marbled Murrelet and other seabird ecology; marine mammal population studies; raptor migrations, mountain lion – human interactions; shrub-steppe bird/habitat relationships in eastern Washington; oak woodland/wildlife community relationships; conservation genetics; animal health and disease. Additional responsibilities include supervising Wildlife Biometrician and Veterinarian services, administering and supervising the small grants and contracts program - which funds research activities outside the agency.  Serves on external science advisory committees, including: Western Governors Association Crucial Habitat Transportation Steering Committee, Advisory Committee of the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative, Advisory Committee of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at the University of Washington, Yale Science Panel Serve as agency liaison with higher education institutions.
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