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I am the Director of Digital Development for National Geographic Maps in Evergreen, Colorado, where I produce websites, maps and apps focused on environmental conservation and sustainability. I've managed geospatial programs in the nonprofit and public sectors for over 20 years, conducting GIS and mapping projects at local, state, national and global scales. 

Prior to joining National Geographic in 2006, I worked for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) as a Regional GIS Manager, Enterprise GIS Manager and Director of Conservation Systems where conducted projects at local, regional and global scales and led the diffusion of GIS technology across the organization. Prior to TNC I worked for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection where I managed the development of a statewide wetlands database and digital orthophoto mapping program. 

I am a past president of the Society for Conservation GIS and a member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas. I hold a Bachelors degree in Geography and Art from Clark University and a Masters in Environment from Duke University. 

I am currently focused on the integration of maps, multimedia and storytelling to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues and promote sustainable travel and tourism. My current projects include, and, as well as a forthcoming multimedia atlas for the Colorado River Basin.
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