Wayne D. Spencer

Senior Conservation Biologist with Conservation Biology Institute
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Wayne D. Spencer

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I am a wildlife conservation biologist that specializes in applying science to conserve biological resources and recover rare species. My field studies have mostly focused on mammals--including carnivores like martens and fishers and desert rodents like pocket mice and kangaroo rats. I’ve prepared habitat conservation plans (HCPs) and natural community conservation plans (NCCPs) for numerous sensitive species in California. Because I combine experience in ecological research and real-world planning, I am often asked to lead science advisory processes for regional conservation plans, especially those prepared under California’s NCCP Act. For example, I am currently leading an independent science advisory process for the California Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan, which will guide how renewable energy projects can be developed throughout California’s desert regions while minimizing adverse effects on fragile ecosystems and endangered species. Finally, I work on habitat connectivity plans, such as the South Coast Missing Linkages Project and the California Essential Habitat Connectivity Project.

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